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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Genesis 22 Abraham Gets Tested

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The very first verse of Genesis 22 states that Abraham was tempted by the Father. This temptation as it is worded is actually a mistranslation. The appropriate word that should have been used is either “proved, or tested” according to Strong's Concordance #5254. This can also be reasoned because the bible is clear that the Father does not tempt anyone according to James 1:13. The difference between testing and tempting is that testing lifts you up, and proves your conviction, while temptations outcome for those who fall for it only brings you down.

I believe everyone who knows the bible has heard about the story of Abraham who was called by the Father to sacrifice his son Isaac. It was a long journey for Abraham and Sarah to even have Isaac and to acquire the faith needed to be the Nucleus of the Israelite nations. According to the book of Jasher, chapter 23, many times Satan tried to stop Abraham and Isaac from going through with the test. This is the same thing that happened with the Messiah before he started his ministry when he was tempted in the wilderness. As a last resort when the Ram appeared and was willingly coming to Abraham to be sacrificed, Satan tangled his horns in the thicket in an attempt to delay the ram and have Abraham go through with the slaying of Isaac; V 72.

Many times in the Bible both Abraham and Sarah were told they would have a son, in which from the nations of Israel would come. With Abraham knowing that his son directly came from the Father in a miracle, his son could quite possibly come between Abraham and the Father. So the Father gave Abraham a test to see what was more important to him, Isaac which came from God or God himself. I also want to point out that this is the only place in the bible where Father Yahweh called for a human sacrifice.

The actions of Abraham was only a test to see if Abraham loved his son Isaac more than the Father. This is because the Father knew he was going to have to send his son for the lost sheep. This test is a direct comparison to the coming of the Messiah. I can make this comparison based on these facts about the Messiah and Isaac:

Both were prophesied to be born.
Both were named before their birth.
Both were conceived by a miracle.
Both were the only Son.
Both died, (or in the case of Isaac was as if he did) and both went back to their father.
Both carried the wood to the site.
Both did not resist and accepted their sacrifice.
Both, prior to, left other people alone and went off with their fathers.
Bible scholars think Isaac was between the years of 15-33 when this test happened, if he happened to be 33, then he was the same age as the Messiah when he was crucified.
Isaac went to Mount Moriah and the Messiah went to Mount Calvary.

Abraham showed his willingness to not withhold his son from the Lord. This was proof that Abraham's consecration was complete; Gen 22:11-12. According to Hebrew law, anything that touches the alter from that time forward, becomes the property of, or is dedicated unto the Father.

According to “Primogenesis” by Howard Rand on page 82;
Through Isaac an entire race was dedicated to God's service, for from that day forward Isaac's seed became the Lord's. In the utterances of the prophets and throughout the whole bible, in the story it tells, this fact is fully set forth. Failure to recognize the fact that a race has been dedicated to serve has prevented thousands from understanding the statements concerning a servant people who would become witnesses to God's glory throughout the ages. As the story unfolds, the significance of the history of this race today represented in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples will become more apparent. The knowledge of their activities, as they fulfill ancient prophecies, will further establish the accuracy of the Bible story.”

This test of faith may seem extreme to some people but A faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted. Anyone that claims that they have faith will become tested to see what their willingness is to follow the commandments of God. Any faith that is not tested is simply superstition. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 we are told that if and when we do come to temptation we will have the ability to bear it.

Obedience to God is an expression of our love for God!

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