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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prophecy Concerning Israel Genesis 49:1-12

To see Genesis 49:1-12 without my comments click HERE.

In Genesis 49 Israel makes a prophecy about the tribes of Israel in the last days. Some people use chapter 49 as a road map to locate the individual tribes themselves. Although there is much evidence in what areas the tribes of Israel relocated in during and after the Assyrian captivity, there is some reasoning that people have to take into account.
For example...
There is great evidence that portions of the tribe of Reuben relocated to modern day France. One small example of why I say this is because the symbols of Reuben have been shown to be in the heraldic symbols on French flags, while at the same time we can find evidence that portions of the same tribe of Reuben also relocated in Southeast Russia 1 Chron 5. The point I am trying to make is that not every single Reubenite relocated to one specific area. This is also true with the other tribes also.

France more so then other places contains the most prominent evidence of the tribe of Reuben. However, one can argue that modern day France has not always had the same borders that it has now and portions of the tribe of Reuben could have spilled over into another neighboring country or another Israelite tribe could have relocated within the same region of France which would quell a fast hard rule that any specific tribe is located within any modern day border.

Another problem is with individuals moving from one area to another do not change tribes. For example: America at one time had the blessings that were given to Manasseh. We started to lose these blessings about the same time as the founding of the country of Israeli (1948) which is another story in itself. However, the point I am trying to make with this statement is that sailing across the ocean from Europe doesn't change a person from one Israelite tribe to the tribe of Manasseh.

So... I continue and want all to keep in mind that the following are generalities.
As stated above (from Genesis 48) the blessings of the tribe of Manasseh were best seen in the United States, and the tribe of Ephraim was seen in the nation of Great Britain.

Reuben- described as being unstable as water in Gen 49:4 The word "French" has become synonymous with passion and physical sexual appetites. The most modern example of the unstability of France is  demonstrated by them caving in to the German army quickly during WW2 and they even fought against America when the US was trying to land in North Africa.

Simeon and Levi- are not to have their own nation in the last days because of their cruelty Gen 49:5-7.

Judah- Members of Judah went to the Islands that were far off (Ireland and Britain Jer 31:10), it's also true that Germany contains evidence that individuals from Judah originally settled there too. From other posts, you may remember that I have stated that I believe the Throne of David and Jacob's pillar is currently located in West Minster Abbey and used for coronation ceremonies. The arch surrounding the chair are the words "THIS IS GOD'S HOUSE" (Gen 28:22), this is according to the book"Our Great Heritage" by: WTF Jarrold, pg.168.

The throne and Jacob's pillar are symbols that the tribe of Judah would keep until Yashua Messiah returns to occupy the throne which Judah will keep; Gen 48:10. This can only happen if the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, happens to be a descendant from King David, and of course there is ample evidence that she is. The chart of her lineage is available from Artisan Publishers for those who wish to purchase a copy for themselves.

In Verse 12 it states that Judah's eyes shall be red with wine and teeth white with milk. The commentaries that I have read state that V12 is telling us that Judah in the last days will have abundant wealth which can only come from the fertile valleys of Europe and America. If anyone else has a different view than this then I encourage you to leave comments. I am open to constructive criticism.

So in closing the question is: where are the people we call the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel today? No matter what your take is on this question you must keep in mind that the Father is always true to his word. He tells us in John 10:27-29 that his sheep hear his voice. Knowing this to be true, who hears his voice today, produces almost all the bibles in circulation and produces the most amount of missionaries to the rest of the world?
Another thing to keep in mind about the physical location of contemporary Israelites is that the Father knows where everyone single Israelite is and promises he will not lose a single Israelite at all, ever! Amos 9:9.

The information here is in no way exhaustive. I wouldn't even describe it as being the "tip of the iceberg". One could spend many years studying the volumes of information on the subject.

I pray that all will take the time to study the details in the Bible and in life to come up with their own opinion based upon how Yahweh's holy spirit would lead them.

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