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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Holy Communion Part 2

In Holy Communion part 1, I attempted to stress the point that sacrificing lambs for the remission of sin and the laws of Yahweh are present throughout the entire bible. This is the basic tenant of which the concept of Holy Communion is based. This Passover feast was celebrated by Israelites in Egypt prior to the Exodus.

When the Israelites came to Egypt they were Yahweh loving people that followed his laws, and as a result were free men. Eventually, while they sojourned in Egypt, Israel became paganized through gradualism, lost their freedom, and become slaves, just as modern Israel has done today in this country; Matt 16:6.

Israel went from the very top of the Egyptian Government to the status of slavery, the forgotten practice of sacrificing lambs was reexplained by Father Yahweh through Moses to the Israelite children.

Moses instructed the Israelites to select an unblemished lamb on the 10th day of Abib; Exodus 12:3.
The lamb was to remain with the Israelite and be sacrificed on the 14th day of Abib (for the year 2015 the correct Christian Passover was April 4); Exodus 12:6. During this time, the sins of the Israelite were transferred to the lamb as they found favor with Yahweh by praying and fasting for the remission of their sins. This was a solemn time for them to both reflect upon what they have done for Father Yahweh in the past year, what they could have done but fell short on, and what there goals will be differently for the year to come.

Moses also instructed the Israelites that the blood of the Passover lamb was to be put on the doorposts of their homes for protection for their first born from the plagues of Egypt; Exodus 12:7,22 as well as for the forgiveness of sin. These lambs represented the prophetic lamb of Yashua Messiah that would come at a future time to redeem the sins of Israel permanently.

This Passover was continuously celebrated through the centuries and was continued until the time of the Messiah, in which the Messiah observed this feast of the Passover every year; Luke 2:40-42 and John 2:13, 23. The Messiah celebrated the Passover the day before his crucifixion at the Last Supper; Matt 26:17-21 and Luke 22:13-15. It was at this Passover (Last Supper) that the Messiah changed the requirement of the lamb. He remove the innocent lamb that was to be celebrated as the prophetic Messiah because THE MESSIAH WAS THE SACRIFICAL LAMB. This part of his law was fulfilled, so the physical sacrificing of lambs was no longer a requirement.

During the Last Supper the Messiah prepared himself for participating in this Passover meal by showing his humility unto death (as Issac did in Genesis 22:6), he washed the feet of the disciples; John 13:1-5. This act of humility is explained in Luke 22:25-27. Then the Messiah purposely ommited the lamb during this Passover, however, the bread and wine that were used during the sacrifing of the lamb was continued; Luke 22:19-20, Matt 26:26-29.
The unleavened bread that was originally eaten with the lamb is explained in Exodus 12:8, and the wine in Romans 3:25. 

When the Messiah redeemed Israel, he made it clear that this new Passover meal no longer included the sacrificial lamb and for us to depend on him for eternal life; John 6:48,53,54.

It's also a requirement to teach others about this Holy Communion; Matt 28:19-20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26. This is the Lord's Passover as commanded by Exodus 12:24-27. 

We know Christ's example plus the explanation by Moses indicates this Passover is to be observed only once a year. I want to stress the point that we must be worthy of taking the Passover meal; 1 Corinthians 11:27-30. And we are still commanded to follow his law; 1 John 1:9, 2:4.

At this point I am admittedly interjecting my opinion. We know the Bible warns of stiff consequences if we take Communion unworthily. We should be humble as the Messiah to receive Holy Communion. Receiving Holy Communion should be something that people should start preparing for a few days in advance. This preparation should include prayer, fasting, a time of reflection, and a time to set new goals to promote his Kingdom here on earth.

It's not simply a symbolic Gesture or snack time at church. If it's just a symbol or a snack then there are tastier alternatives. Taking Holy Communion between eating the Truckers Special with extra bacon at Dennie's before church and before drinking beer while fishing after church, does not get it.
I believe communion should be received on an empty stomach if we are serious about treating it as if this is his actual body and blood.

Praise the Lord for his sacrifice!

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