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Monday, September 7, 2015

The War of the Kings Daniel Chapter 11

To see Daniel Chapter 11 without my comments click HERE.

Chapter 11 of the book of Daniel, is an unbroken narrative that begins in Chapter 10 and continues into Chapter 12. This continuation can clearly be demonstrated by the first word in this Chapter which is the word “also.” In verse 2 Daniel describes the fourth king of Persia which is most notable from history, more so than the others that I really should make mention, was king Xerxes.
Continuing on with the prophecy of this chapter, there's battling back and forth between the Persian and Greek kings. These battles between the Persians and Greeks are easily shown by recorded history that Daniel's prophecies were true. For the sake of brevity, I will only mention the spiritual outline of the chapter because the information from the details of these battles can easily be found on the internet and through other historically recorded media.

The time of this prophecy which flows into Chapter 12, was shown to Daniel. Daniel was told to shut up the words and seal the book for the future events that will transpire at a futuristic time. In Daniel 11:31 it describes the “time of the abomination that maketh desolate.” This description by Daniel describes an Anti-Christ person who is extremely prideful and arrogant. Many people believe that this prophecy was fulfilled by the Roman Antiochus IV in 168 B.C. (left), when he sacrificed a pig on the temple alter. This of course cannot possibly be, and here's why: The abomination spoken of by Daniel the prophet is described as a futuristic event and Daniel was told to close up this prophecy until a future time; Daniel 12:4. The concept of this event not happening yet and actually being the end of the age, is verified by the Messiah in; Matthew 24:15, and Mark 13:14.

In this time frame Spoken of by both Daniel the prophet, and the Messiah, the Bible eludes to a person that is an Anti-Christ type that will have great power in the last days. Modern day Judeo-Christian churches teach there will be one central figure that will be called “The Anti-Christ” at the end of the age, when in all reality there are many Anti-Christs around us now; 1 John 2:18, 22. An "Anti-Christ" is described by the Bible as someone who denies that Yashua (Jesus) is the Christ. One such organized religion that Judeo-Christians have a hard time understanding are Anti-Christs, is called Judaism. Jews (those who practice the Anti-Christ religion of Judaism) are not Christians and do not follow the Torah, (Pentatoch), but rather follow the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud's sick teachings were codified in the 3rd Century. Prior to the 3rd Century the religion of Judaism was called the "Oral Tradition" or “Traditions of The Elders” The Messiah preached against the heresy of these traditions and for anyone to claim that the Messiah was Jewish, either by race or by religion is complete and total heresy. (greater than 90% of Jews are Ashkenazi Khzar Jews and adopted the religion of Judaism in the 8th Century and have absolutely nothing to do with the Bible nor the Holy Land).

To see what the Babylonian Talmud actually teaches about Christianity can be found in the book "The Talmud Unmasked" by Rev I.B. Pranaitis. To see a copy of this book online for free click HERE.

The coming of an Anti-Christ
After this specific Anti-Christ arrives on the scene, there will be time of trouble which comes prior to those who sleep in the dust of the earth to awake at the return of the Messiah. This specific time of 3 1/2 year time frame is called "The Great Tribulation” by the Bible. The time of tribulation as described by the Bible talks about a time when there will be a great falling away from the faith. This falling away, or "tribulation", comes when an Anti-Christ person takes the power of the world and denies the power of Father Yahweh. The elevation of himself to a god like status will deceive the entire world except for the very elect. He will make war with the true Israelite Christians and will be accepted by all other major religions as he will preach peace and works miracles. This person is better described in Daniel 11:36-45. The Messiah in Matthew 24:26 tells Christians (the ones that actually study the bible), that when this Antichrist comes, you are not to believe him nor even look at him.

How the major religions will be deceived by this Anti-Christ person...
Judaism: The anti-Christ religion of Judaism already denies Yashua (Jesus) as the Messiah, and is looking for a future Messiah to come. One example of how I expect all will be deceived is that he will claim to have been born in Bethlehem, the exact place where the Messiah was prophesied to be born; Micah 5:2. This in itself is strong evidence that this Anti-Christ will be a Jew of which have nothing to do with the Holy Land, like the ones that occupy Palestine today; Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9.
Islam: is looking for the 5th Mahdi, which will be another final prophet in line after their four prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, so they will be drawn right in. Of course we know that the Prophet Mohamed denied the three prophets before himself. So much for expecting Islam to follow the scriptures during this time.
Mormons: they listen more so to their most current prophet then they do the Bible, the book of Mormon, or any other previous prophet. If their current prophet is deceived by an Anti-Christ then the Mormon church will be also.
Judeo-Christians: Last but not least, Jewish-Christians that are expecting the return of the Messiah at anytime in a Secret Rapture will be easily fooled by this person, The return of the Messiah in a secret rapture, at any second, is taught in every Judeo-Christian Church and is not found in the Bible. The Messiah's actual return will be sometime after both the 3 1/2 years of the great doubt, or falling away of Chrsitians ("the great tribulation") which is during the Anti-Christ rule; Daniel 12:7 , and after the opening the sixth seal of; Revelation 6:12.

The opening of the Sixth Seal is when Father Yahweh pours out his wrath upon the earth. For those who think things are at their worse now will have a surprise. The time is now to answer for those who have been called. 

 I pray all will study the Bible and I praise the Lord for the accuracy of his word!

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