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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Birth Of Esau and Jacob Genesis 25:19-34

To read Genesis 25:19-34 without my comments click HERE.

20 years after Isaac and Rebekah were married (Isaac was then 60 years old), Rebekah became with child, or specifically with children because she was to have twins. These two twins were named Esau and Jacob. The LORD (the reason that the word LORD is in capital letters instead of lower case letters in the Old Testament is because the translators switched the word Yahweh with LORD), told Rebekah that two nations were in her womb and the elder will serve the younger v23. This directive came from Father Yahweh before these twins were even born, because he said it, it is, and always will be.

The name Esau means “Red”. The bible describes him as very hairy with red hair v25. He was so hairy, that his skin could only be compared to goat's hide; Gen 27:16. The modern day term for this condition would be called Hypertrichosis.

On the other hand, the name Jacob means “Supplanter”, he was holding on to Esau's heel when he was born. It's important to note what color Esau's hair was.
The reason being is because he was the twin brother of Jacob. So it can be reasoned that if Esau had red hair, then Jacob also had red hair, but the bible tells us that Jacob was smooth and not hairy.

So now I want to ask you a question, which people of the earth have red hair? Is it the Africans, the Asians, the Jews, or some other group of people?
Of course not. Anyone that has been following this blog for any length of time knows that I believe the Israelites, the actual people of the Bible, migrated to Western Europe after the Babylonian Captivity over the course of time.

The highest percentage rate of red hair on the planet is in Scotland. There is literally volumes of information to substantiate the claim that the Israelites did indeed migrate to and through the northern banks of the Mediterranean eventually settling into the fertile valleys of Europe. Of course the number of red haired people in Scotland is only one small reason among many why I believe this.

Short video of Pastor Peters from Scriptures for America. He explains the migration of Israel to both Scotland and Europe.

Anyway, continuing on...
In V28 Isaac loved Esau because he liked the food that Esau hunted, and Rebekah loved Jacob (remember Jacob is the one that will be served by Esau according to what Father Yahweh told Rebekah in v23).

Esau sells his birthright...
There is much confusion on the word birthright vs. the word blessing, in most churches today. I am only going to talk about birthright now and not blessing. Birthright is the amount of inheritance you receive from a parent. In Deuteronomy 21:17, under Hebrew law, the first born is to receive a double portion and all following children receive a single portion. So Esau had 2/3 of the estate of Issac coming to him, while Jacob only had only 1/3 portion.

One day when Esau was returning from the field and was quite hungry. According to the book of Jasher Chapter 27 (the book of Jasher is referred to in other books of the Bible), Esau and Nimrod were jealous of each other because this particular time in history was right after the Tower of Babal and Nimrod wanted to rebuild the city. Nimrod saw Esau as a person who may take his position as the future King of Babylon away from him.
Esau just finished doing battle with some of Nimrod's men and was being chased when he came upon Jacob. Believing he may not have much time to live Esau traded  Jacob a bowl of sod pottage for his birthright, which would be only 1/3 of the total of Isaac's estate. This action on the behalf of Esau shows what he thought about his birthright as compared to being hungry right at that moment. It's also probable that Esau knew that he could live quite comfortably on 1/3 of the estate simply because Isaac was a very wealthy man.  I myself have fasted two days before and know your hunger goes away after about 16 hours, so I am convinced that Esau was not starving to death. Whether or not you agree with the book of Jasher, it's my belief that hunger was not the only motivational factor for Esau to trade his birthright for pottage.

Praise the Lord!

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