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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Barabbas would have been a Communist

The name Barabbas appears in the Bible a few times and we all know this person as the one that the Romans released instead of the Messiah. This particular name in the Bible has meaning and is called a patronymic. The name Barabbas comes from two different words Bar-Abba. The first part Bar meaning "the son of."  An example of this prefix was used for the Apostle Peter. Before he was named Peter, he was known as Bar-Jonah, meaning “the Son of Jonah.” The Suffix Abba means "Father" and in the case of Barabbas it means the son of a Father or teacher, or if you will, Barabbas literally means “The Son of a Rabbi.”

This Rabbis son or “Barabbas” as he is called in the Bible, is mentioned in all of the four Gospels. Both Matthew and Mark write that the chief priest incited the mob to call for Barabbas to be released instead of the Messiah. Mark 15:7 states that Barabbas created an insurrection and committed murder in the process. In Luke 23:19 we are also given this same chilling account of murder and insurrection.

In Johns account of this episode, which is believed to be the most accurate. It's believed to have been taken from the actual records from the trial of the Messiah. In John, Pilate did not even mention the name of Barabbas as an option, nor do I believe he was even thinking of him when he stated he would release someone of their choice, but rather Pilate was trying to release Yashua to the crowd when they started to yell for the release of Barabbas John 18:38-40. This person Barabbas was most certainly a political zealot and probably a member of the sicarii which were dagger carrying guerrilla commandos which were working to expel the Romans from Palestine. The crowd without hesitation chose this violent nationalist over the peaceful Messiah who wanted nothing to do with the anti-Christ Jews nor the Roman empire John 18:36. It can also be reasoned that the two thieves that were crucified with the Messiah were followers of Barabbas, or at the very least they knew him personally, because they were all scheduled for crucifixion at the same time.

To give a more modern example of a “Son of a Rabbi” acting as a political zealot and the damage he can do when he is following The Traditions of the Elders, we can look at Karl Marx who's father was also a Rabbi.

Karl Marx was an Ashkenazi Jew that wrote the Communist Manifesto. It can be proven its precepts came from the Babylonian Talmud. The Communist Manifesto was the prelude to the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

If you explore the facts you will realize the simple facts that:

The Russian revolutions caused the deaths of an estimated 60-90 million Christians at the hands of Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky, all atheist Jews, that were financed with Jewish money from Wall Street.

The ancestors of Marx are Ashkenazi and are proselytes to Talmudism. His Ashkenazi ancestors were not from Palestine and have nothing to do with the Bible at all except for when the Messiah talks to the Edomite Jews about the conversion of others to Talmudism or Judaism as we call it today Matt 23:15.

This claim is not something I fabricated, but is something that was summed up by the infamous Rabbi Wise in 1935 when he said “some call it marxism - I call it Judaism.” In fact there is so much overwhelming evidence to substantiate the claim of where Communism came from that if one would like to begin to research this claim for themselves then they can begin by clicking HERE for some quotes from The Truth From God website.

I do not talk about Communism and its roots simply because I want to degrade a race of people in an effort to try to make Israelites look better, but rather, to show Communism's roots and that it is indeed alive and well today. It's simply important for everyone to realize the relationship between the Babylonian Talmud and Communism for the protection of all people.

Not all Jews are Communists nor do I believe that all Jews wish to enslave humanity. There are Jews that are working behind the scenes to expose the evils that both Communism and the crimes that Zionist Jews commit. I believe all races of people have good points and think they are best appreciated by all when they do not infringe on the rights of other races of people and they rule over their own.

Everything I write in this blog is being written as a means to lift up the true Israelites of the Bible and to give them a sense of pride and to realize they truly are Kings and Priests of Father Yahweh, NOT to degrade other races. So do not bother to leave comments that I am Anti-Semitic or other such foolishness. If I have misrepresented the facts then say so. Simple name calling and mud slinging will not do and is a waste of time.

In closing...
There are two things that motivate men to do anything. Either they like something and want to go toward the goal, or they hate something and want to get far away from it. With the call of this mob to free Barabbas over the Messiah, it was in their mind simply a win-win situation for the Jewish Priests. They got Barabbas back to possibly lead another insurrection under the banner of the Traditions of the Elders or Judasism another day against Rome and also this was an attempt to get rid of the Messiah who threatened their powerful positions within the Roman Government.

Little did they know that he was to rise again and will now soon return to earth, not come as a sacrificial lamb, but with anger.

Praise the Lord!

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