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Sunday, May 4, 2014

NYC Obelisk To Be Cleaned

A 3,500 year old obelisk in Central Park is soon to be cleaned according to one recent article, click HERE to see this article. 

This Obelisk is called "Cleopatra's Needle" and originally came from Egypt. The Obelisk is one of a pair, the other being in London, stands as a testimony in time for the true Israelite people of the world. The importance of this artifact lies in fact that it was erected in Egypt during the time when Joseph was the Governor of Egypt.

The obelisk's are believed to originally been in front of the King Sesostris II of Dynasty 12 palace in Memphis during the time of Joseph, and later being found by King Herod was taken to Alexandria in 12 BC. Eventually one came to Central Park in NYC in 1880.

In Genesis 48:15-20 when Joseph was Governor of Egypt and Jacob was dying, Jacob transfer the birthright blessings of Israel to the sons of Joseph, their names were Ephraim and Manasseh. This fact is confirmed by Moses in Deuteronomy 33:13-16 Genesis 49:22-26 explains that the blessings of heaven and of the deep are material wealth such as rich harvests, minerals, and numbers of people as the sand of the seashore. This blessing, if we are to believe the Bible to be true, which I most certainly do, can only be found in the lands of Britain and America. It has been well documented that the Israelites of the Bible migrated into the fertile valleys of Europe and beyond after the Assyrian Captivity both fulfilling the promises of the Bible and fulfilling prophecy.

It's only fitting that the obelisk's ended up in Britain and America the same lands settled by the Israelites of the Bible, including the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. I have no doubt that both Ephraim and Manasseh both saw and played around these obelisk's when they were in Memphis, Egypt.

Today many believe that the birthright blessings were given to the Jews and cannot possibly be to the people of Europe. They wrongfully believe that the Jews (people who practice the Anti-Christ religion of Judaism) came from the tribe of Judah without researching the facts. The truth is that greater than 90% of the people that we call Jews today are a Turkish Mongolian mix from Khazaria and are proselytes to the Anti-Christ religion of Judaism, so their ancestors never have laid foot in Palestine and have absolutely nothing to do with Israel at all. Even if those we call Jews came from Judah it would make no difference because the birthright blessings were given to Joseph's children and not to Judah's.

There's a spiritual blindness (Titus 1:14) that encompasses this great land today that comes from the pulpits and is preached by theologians. This blindness and disinformation will destroy Israel (Hosea 4:6). Until the time the Gentilized Israelite nations (Romans 11:25) be come in and they become aware of their identity, nothing will change. I pray the coming Kingdom of God will come soon, either by the Israelite's ushering it in or by the return of the Messiah.

All praise Father Yahweh!

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