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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Genesis 33 Jacob and Esau reconciled

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When Esua was approaching Jacob with his party of 400 men on horseback to destroy him, according to the book of Jasher 32:29, Esau had angels appear unto him to intervene to keep him from killing Jacob. As a defensive posture, just in case, Jacob put the children of the handmaids up front and the children of Leah and Rachel in the rear of the formation for the greatest possible protection.

When Jacob saw Esau approaching he bowed to the ground 7 times in an act that is usually reserved for kings as mentioned in the Amarna Tablets. Although it was unclear to Jacob at that moment what the intentions of Esau were as he approached. Esau, when he finally met up with Jacob, had peaceful intentions. Esau wanted Jacob to keep the animals from the droves he passed along the way, but Jacob insisted he keep them in an effort to restore peace with his brother. Esau offered to have some of his men accompany Jacob to Seir. Of course Jacob didn't want the men around him that not very long ago were prepared to kill him. He told Esau that he would see him again when he arrives in Seir which is also known as Edom in the south of Canaan land. Instead Jacob ended up going to Succoth, which is East of the Jordon River and North of the Brook Jabbock.

Although Esau and Jacob were not enemies, Jacob did not go to Edom where Esau lived. The reason for this isn't specifically mentioned in the Bible, however, it's probable that he chose not to dwell with or near Esau because the original source of friction between them still existed, which is Esau marrying wives that were non Israelites Gen 26:34-35. This sin of Adultery is the same sin that is mentioned in Numbers 25:6-11. It's worth mentioning that Jacob's separation from the Edomites was not as dramatic as the problem that the returning Prophets to Jerusalem had (Ezra 9 and 10 and Nehemiah 13) after the Babylonian captivity when they ended up building a wall to physically keep themselves separate from alien hordes that both plundered and destroyed Jerusalem. This separation is a recurring theme through both the bible and through time. As Israel is commanded to be separate from others 2 Cor 6:17. I praise the Lord of Lords for his never changing word and his sacrifice on Calvary, for he truly is our kinsman redeemer!

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