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Friday, June 20, 2014

Genesis 34 Dinah's Defilement

To see Genesis 34 without my comments click HERE.

When Jacob returned to Canaan land he was surrounded by Canaanites. Jacob bought land in the land of Shechem and built an alter to Father Yahweh. Dinah the daughter of Leah, went to visit the young women of the city which of course is the beginning of troubles because an Israelite woman should not just go out and randomly visit people in a strange city who are non-Israelites without being accompanied by other Israelites. This is only the beginning of troubles in this passage.

A Prince by the name of Shechem saw Dinah and defiled her according to the Bible. The Bible isn't clear about the exact nature of the defilement, by that I mean it isn't clear if she was seduced as Eve was or if she was forced into such an act. After the event, Shechem's father Hamor went to talk to Jacob about the event and offered any amount of money to Jacob if Hamor's son could have Dinah as a bride which of course both the defilement of Dinah and any said marriage to an Israelite by a non-Israelite is illegal, immoral, against the laws of nature, and against the laws of Yahweh.

During this visit, Jacob's sons answered Hamor craftily and told him that if all the males in the city were circumcised then they would agree to his request and the men of land of Shechem would become an extension of the Israelite family. These men of the land knew of the wealth of Jacob and knowing that the Israelite women are the most beautiful in the world and the wealth that they would receive circumcision would be a small price to have both the Israelite women and Israelite wealth.

On the 3rd day after all the men were circumcised and sore, two of Jacob's sons Simeon and Levy, went to the city of Shechem slew all the men of the city with their swords and removed Dinah from the house of Shechem. Afterword Jacob was disturbed by what Simeon and Levy did because he was surrounded by Canaanites and knew they would seek revenge for this mass killing. His sons told Jacob that they would not stand for their sister to be treated as a harlot by Canaanites.

We should keep in mind that if not for this event it's possible that Dinah's name would not have even been mentioned in the Bible at all. The Israelite family follows the patriarchal line. In other words the man is the head of the family, his children are Israelites, and considered to be Israelites of the tribe that the Father is from, and not the mother. There are some races and cultures such as Jews (those who practice the antichrist religion of Judaism) that follow the matriarchal blood line of the mother and the mother is the head of the family. This is one reason among many that Jews, as we know the term today, are not Israelites. In this particular case of Dinah, it's my personal opinion she was seduced because she continued to stay with the prince after the act and was forcibly removed by her brothers.

A few other thoughts I would like to share is:
In Exodus 22:16 the Bible tells us that marriage is upon consummation of the sex act. There is no place in the Bible that says that we are to get permission from Babylon, be married in a church, and have a wedding ceremony that's conducted by a Baal priest agent of the state. In this case Dinah's marriage with this Canaanite prince was not a legal marriage simply because Israelites are to marry other Israelites. This is the exact same reason that caused 24,000 to be put to death in Numbers 25.

Deuteronomy is the 5th book of the Bible. The word Deuteronomy means “the second law”, and it is a recap of laws in the books of both Exodus and Leviticus. Deuteronomy 22 talks about the laws concerning chastity. Verses22-25 talk about Adultery in marriage. At the very least the person that lays with damsel is to pay her father 50 shekels of silver which is serious business v.29. The seriousness of this lies in the fact that long ago a man would not want to marry a woman who was not a virgin because of it being against the law of God and because of telegony, a hardship would fall upon the family of the woman. This idea is difficult for most to understand today in a land where it seems that everyone is a harlot or a prostitute. Practically no person in this country practices sexual morality anymore.

I have heard the claim before that if a woman lays with a man she has to marry him. There is no place in Deut 22 nor in the Bible anywhere that tells a woman that she has to marry anyone under any circumstances. 

There is one rouge translation of the Bible that I know of that states that a woman that is raped is to marry the man that rapes her. This is found in the N.I.V. bible (I call it the Non-Inspired-Version).
Deut. 22:29 "...He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives". 
My advice to all... stay with the King James version for the sake of keeping the Fathers laws.

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