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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joseph's Dream Interpretation Genesis 40

To see Genesis 40 without my comments click HERE.

When Joseph was put into prison he prospered and was put in charge of all the prisoners. During the time when Joseph was in Charge, the Pharaoh put his Chief Baker and his Chief Butler into prison also. Both of these men had dreams when they were in prison and were troubled by them. Joseph felt compelled to help these men.

Joseph being in charge of the prisoners, being a Hebrew/Israelite, and walking close to the Father would have known that the descendants of Abraham are to be the servant nation of the world and I don't mean to prop up welfare roles for minorities or other man made Babylonian concepts, but rather to enforce God's law here on earth. The definition of the word "Israel" means to either “rule with God” or “to rule under God's law"as the proper Kings and Priests of Yahweh, Only the true lost sheep of the house of Israel will hear his voice John 10:27.

Joseph being in charge of the prisoners inquired to the source of their sadness, Romans 12:15. It was because they both had dreams which needed to be interpreted. Joseph was a dream interpreter and his abilities were proven in Genesis 37:5-9 when he had the same dream twice in a row to serve as a double witness to Joseph from the Father as he interpreted his own dreams. The Bible is clear that God talks to the Prophets through visions and dreams Numbers12:6.

To the left is a picture of Joseph interpreting dreams for the Chief Butler and the Chief Baker. According to the interpretation both will be released from prison in 3 days on Pharaoh's birthday. The Butler will return to his position with the Pharaoh and the Baker will lose his head.

These men knew their dreams meant something very important to them and Joseph told them that “the interpretations belong to God.” v.8 Although the Bible does not specifically say so, these men had to have dreamed the same theme at least twice to support God's law of a double witness.

Three days later when the Pharaoh was celebrating his birthday he released the prisoners to fulfill the interpretation. Joseph asked the Butler to remember him when he returned to Pharaoh to help get him released. The man did not remember him because it was not the time for Joseph to be released from prison yet. So many times when we are doing the work of the Lord we are forgotten, which in this case it's obvious the mans memory failure came directly from the Father because this event is not something easily forgotten.
The releasing of prisoners on the Pharaoh's birthday was a common event in Egypt at that time according to historical sources.

The infamous Rosetta Stone was instrumental in learning how to interpret Egyptian Hieroglyphics. It was carved in 196 B.C. and was discovered in 1799 by a French soldier in Napoleons army. The message on the Rosetta Stone talks about the tradition that the Pharaohs had of releasing prisoners on Pharaoh's birthday.

Joseph and Daniel are the two prophets that arose to their positions through dream interpretation. It's interesting to notice that in this case Joseph gave the interpretations even though one of them was bad and told the truth even though people do not want to hear the truth both then and now, they only want to hear what they want to hear 2 Timothy 4:3

I thank the Father the source of all truth!

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