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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Daniel's Beasts, Daniel Chapter 7

To read Daniel Chapter 7 without my comments click HERE.

It's commonly belived among theologians that the four beasts of Daniel's vision in Chapter 7, represent the same nations that are represented by the metals in the statue of Daniel Chapter 2. Because of this, I am going to compare Daniel's vision of the 4 beasts to the statue. These different beasts actually represent the characteristics of the conquoring Adamite/Hebrew/Israelite Nations that would exist from the time of Daniel's vision until the return of the Messiah; Jeremiah 51:20

The first beast in verse 4 is described as being like a lion with eagle wings. This beast was given the heart of a man. Receiving the heart of the man, (Adam) Strong's Concordance #120, is outlined in Daniel Chapter 4. It was King Nebuchadnezzar that received this heart of Adam, as he was at least a descendant of Adam, but probably not an Israelite. The item of antiquity to the left is called Lamassu, the winged bull. Lamassu was a deity that was used for protection. This particular relief is in a British museum and was part of one of the doors to the ancient city of Babylon. This statue has the body of a lion, eagle wings, and a face of a man. I believe that this particular statue represented King Nebuchadnezzar. So, it's also quite possible that the face on this Lamassu is true to life and could be an exact bust of this king. Notice that the facial features strongly resemble that of which we would call Caucasian. 
The Babylonian Empire was the head of gold in Daniel's statue; Daniel 2:32.

The second beast of Daniel 7:5 is described as being like a bear. I have read that some people believe that the second beast represents Russia. This of course cannot be the case. This bear is also described as raising itself on one side. This of course represents both the Medes and Persians as a dual nation. Both these nations did not rise at the exact same time.  A bear is a large lumbering animal that is both slow and very strong. This passage also describes this bear as having 3 ribs in its mouth. This is generally believed to be the nations of Babylon, Lydia, and Egypt that Persia conquered to become a regional super power. Persia, at its height had two and a half million soldiers in its army. The Persians main battle tactic was to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers. Persia is the breast and arms of silver in Daniel's statue; Daniel 2:32.

The third beast according to Daniel 7:6 was like a leopard. This leopard is described as having 4 wings on its back and having 4 heads. This leopard perfectly describes Alexander the Great in the way in which a leopard is a very fast moving animal. Alexander conquered the known world by the time he was 29 years old, and he did it in less than 10 years. According to Professor Ian Worthington;  "During his campaigns Alexander was always intent on finding out everything he could about the areas through which he passed. He took with him an entourage of scientists to record and analyse this information from botany, biology, zoology, and meteorology, to topography. His desire to learn, and to have information recorded as scientifically as possible, probably stemmed from Aristotle's teachings and enthusiasm."

Alexander would also bring the best people from the nations he conquered back to Greece to both train and educate them. Alexander also establish public projects such as aquaducts, roads, libraries, and schools. Most times people were way better off under his government than their own.

The lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt (named after Alexander the Great) was a public works project that was once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Because of Alexanders tactic of winning the hearts of people, the nations to be conquered were literally looking forward to him invading their nations and had to wait their turn in line to be conquered. After Alexander the Great drank himself to death in Babylon at age 32, his kingdom was divided among his 4 Generals representing the 4 wings and 4 heads of the leopard.
The Greek Empire represented the belly and thighs of brass in Daniel's statue; Daniel 2:32.

In Daniel 7:7, Daniel then describes a fourth beast as “dreadful and terrible.” There is no animal in existence which Daniel could compare the actions of this dreadful beast to. Daniel describes this beast as having iron teeth, and destroyed everything it came in contact with. This of course describes the Roman Empire. The Romans were famous for destroying everything they conquered. This last beast (Rome) was never conquered by another nation and never will be. History shows us that the Roman Empire collapsed by internal problems and invading barbarian tribes such as the vandals. What history shows us happened to Rome, is that it was able to regroup itself back into a nation, and the leaders were able to reform into leadership roles throughout Europe with their political and religious beliefs. This is the second phase of Rome, or Rome #2 if you like. Roman influence started coming to the Americas beginning with Christopher Columbus in 1492,
The Roman Empire was the legs of iron in Daniel's statue; Daniel 2:33, and Rome #2 was is the feet and toes of Daniel 2:42-43.
It's my opinion that we are still living as the 4th beast of Daniel 7. We are be seeing prophecy unveiled before our very eyes. During Daniel's vision there were 4 beasts, or 5 if you count the feet and toes of the statue which the Bible talks about seperately, Daniel was most interested in the 4th beast the most and asked questions. The 4th beast is described as having 10 horns. Because I do believe we may be having prophecy unfold now, no one can be sure to represent this passage of the Bible the best they can. Only after the fact is when the detail of prophecy is fully realized. If it wasn't this way then people would be able to change the future by making it either match or stray from prophecy. Although we all have free will, we do know how it all ends.

People like to hear other people's opinions of future events and if I had to guess, and if it's true we are in the absolute final days as I may believe, then the ten horns could quite easily represent the 10 sections of the world that the NAFTA treaty reorganized the world into in 1996. Many aspects of the NWO and the UN have also divided the world into ten sections, so no matter how you slice it, the world is now, and will end up being, divided into ten sections.

There is one horn that will do the talking for the rest of the horns and will subdue three others; V25-28. It's anyone's guess the exact organization of these nations during this time. The 7 remaining Nations could possibly represent something like the G-7 Summit that founded in 1975. The G-7 consist of the 7 major industrialized nations, consisting of: America, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Japan. This is only a guess of course. The one horn, which is the mouth piece, will make war with Father Yahweh's saints for 3 ½ years and not 7 years as advertised in most churches, until the end of this time which we call the “time of the Gentiles” (Nations of Abraham) Luke 21:24 until Yashua Messiah (Jesus) returns and reestablishes his Kingdom (the Stone Kingdom) that will fill the earth; Daniel 2:35. Other verses promoting the concept of the horn that makes war against the saints for 3 ½ years, and not 7 years, is Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:14.

The very last part of the final empire which is the very end of the second phase of the Rome (Rome#2), will consist of a racially mixed people. This came from mixing the Non-Adamite seed with the Hebrew/Israelites preventing them from becoming a full strength people, this is not a statement I made up, but is exactly what the book of Daniel says in; Daniel 2:43. It's also very probable that the one that is described as the small horn making war against Yahweh's saints, will be racially mixed also. The very end part of the second Roman Empire is represented by the toes on the feet of Daniel's statue; Daniel 2:42-44.

With all the evil in the world it's important for us to keep in mind that Father Yahweh is greater than all 1 John 5:4!

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