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Friday, October 2, 2015

Introduction and beginning of Revelation 1:1-7

To see Revelation Chapter 1:1-7 without my comments click HERE.

I'm beginning a study in Revelation that I mentioned I would do prior to the beginning of the study in Daniel. The book of Revelation is a book that I have heard before whose symbology may lose the average person. Although this book does contain symbology, the symbology is explained in other parts of the Bible for those who are willing to seek the answers. Because of this, this is the book which Christians have neglected, ministers have shunned, and students have left alone.

Revelation is sometimes called; “The Revelations of St. John the divine.” Calling this book by this title isn't accurate. Revelation is singular word, and John was not divine. There is no person that is divine except for the Messiah.
This Revelation is not of John who penned the book while in exile on the island of Patmos, but rather is of Yashua Messiah (Jesus), who received it directly from the Father. Yashua (Jesus Christ) is the word of God; John1:1, and is how God the Father communicates with us.

 The things mentioned in this book will come to pass quickly once the events start happening. John was a direct witness to the events that he recorded in the book of Revelation. The events were not told to him in a story form nor displayed on a television screen, but rather he was literally there. He wrote that he was in spirit as he moved from his time into a future time to see what he should record; V.10.

This book is a meaningful part of Christianity and has great impact for those who will read it and will be alive during the end of the age. In V.3 we are told that if you read this book and hear the words of the prophecy therein, then you will be blessed. This book has much great promise for being a neglected book of the Bible.

John wrote this book to the seven churches that were in Asia Minor; V.4. This was in keeping with the commandment of the Messiah who also directed his Apostles to go only to the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel that were located in this same area that we now call the country of Turkey; Matt10:6. John made 7 copies of the book of Revelation to send to the individual 7 churches, so the words that he wrote would remain authentic. The reasoning for this is because if someone tampers with the words of one of the books, the other 6 copies would quickly reveal a counterfeit when compared side by side. This is also the reason we know that the entire Bible is accurate because of the number of copies of the books of the Bible that were originally made from earlier dates that can be compared side by side.

Only in recent years people have rewritten the bible into books that are denominational specific. An example of a denomination rewriting the Bible to match their beliefs is the Jehovah Witnesses. In John 1:1 the JW's wrote in the words "a God.” The reasoning to write “a God” instead of writing the word was God, is because they believe that men can ascend to become Gods just as Christ. 1John 3:4.
They of course neglected to rewrite Revelation 1:8, 1:18, Isaiah 9:6-7 and the other verses which show that the Messiah was literally the Son of God who became flesh (Son of Man), so as to become a living sacrifice for our inabilities to follow Yahweh's law;

 Verse 5 The Messiah was the first to be “begotten of the dead” and is the only one that has ever has been “Born Again” according to Biblical definition; John 3:6 and 1 Corinthians 15:44. According to modern day Judeo-Christianity to be “born again”, you pray an unbiblical sinners prayer and raise your hand to show you prayed it. Because some people may feel embarrassed, or feel they are being demeaned by raising their hand in public, the most modern way of expressing your acceptance of Christ in these churches is to nod your head. My personal opinion is that if someone cannot stand up and say that they are a Christian, or that they want to become a Christian, plus they do not possess fruit of the spirit on top of it to show for their conversion, then they are not a Christian by anyone's definition; Gal 5:22 and Romans 8:9. The bar for the man made unbiblical sinners prayer just gets lower and lower.

Verses 6 and 7: Reiterates the fact that the Nation of Israel are both kings and priests in Yahweh's Kingdom. The nation of Israel became kings and priests when Yahweh took Israel as a bride at Mt. Sinai; Exodus 19:6.

It was the obeying of the Fathers laws by modern day Israel that made america great. It's the disobeying of his laws that brings curses and plagues; Deut 28:15-68. The answer to our nations problems is 2 Chronicles 7:14, Voting in Hillary or Trump will not help according to the Bible.

The very end of verse 6 ends in the word “Amen.” Amen is a word to show completeness and is usually found at the end of the books of the Bible. In verse 6, Amen is showing the end of the introduction to the book of Revelation. Verse 7 is summation of the book of Revelation. It describes the Messiah coming in the clouds just as he left; Mark 13:26. This verse also also ends in the word Amen to show completeness.

Praise the Lord everyone!

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