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Friday, October 30, 2015

Message To The Church Of Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7

To see Revelation 2:1-7 without my comments click HERE.

The Church at Ephesus was the first church to be mentioned in John's message that went to all seven churches of Asia Minor. This particular church had a Biblical history unto itself that can be found in; Acts 19:34-35. The men of Ephesus were worshipers of the Hittite goddess Diana, also called Libertas during the travels of Paul; Acts 20:29-32.
Ephesus is the place where the famous temple for the deity Diana was located; Acts 19:34-35.

The temple for this goddess Diana was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The false goddess Libertas (Diana) gave people the liberty to engage in unrestricted personal liberty. In other words, do as you feel, or another way to put it is if it feels good then just do it. Because of this, she was known as the goddess of prostitution. When you follow a god/goddess that allows you to do whatever you want in your personal life without the morality of Father Yahweh you will eventually be led into a life of slavery, not freedom. The only way that you can have true freedom is only by following the moral laws of Father Yahweh that have not been done away with; Matt 11:30James 1:25

There's a 151 ft. statue in New York Harbor of the goddess Libertas (Diana) that was placed there by the Masons. On its base is a plaque that says to send all your poor and homeless to New York City. This plaque was placed there by a false Jew in the early 1900's and was highly protested. This statue is in direct violation of the first and second Commandments of Yahweh; Exodus 20:3-5. To look to the statue of Diana as being an icon of freedom, will only bring moral decay, decadence, and slavery. They try to hide the inherent moral problems of New York city by stating frivolous facts such as, there are more computers in New York City than the entire continent of Africa which means nothing in itself. However, at the same time they do not take into consideration the obvious fact that, there are more Africans in the City of New York than in the entire continent of Africa.

Back to John's letters to the churches...
The Christian Church in the first Century A.D. was defined as an assembly of two or more people and was not a church as we know the term today, A biblical church was and still is, an assembly of believers that meet in peoples houses or any place where they praise Yahweh, and did not go to a specific building; Hebrews 10:25, Matt 18:20, Hebrews 2:12, and Psalms 22:22. It wasn't until the Third Century when Christians started meeting in church buildings titled as such.

Because John wrote this letter to all the church assemblies, all the churches had the ability to read how the other churches were doing. You could think of this as being a report card.
As noted above during Paul's voyage to this region, he told the Church of Ephesus that after he leaves there will be grievous wolves that will not spare the flock; Acts 20:29. This is why in Rev 2:2 the church is commended for weeding out the false Apostles when they were specifically warned by Paul years earlier. These false Apostles are described in; 2 John 1:7-9.

The Church of Ephesus is told by the Messiah, that they have deviated from their first love of Yahweh and his Kingdom Message; V4. The Messiah told the church of Ephesus that if they do not get on the ball and confess their sins to the Father then their candlestick will be removed altogether and they will not have the light of of the gospel to share to the world; Rom 8:18-192 cor 4:4. When the light of the Gospel is removed a Church quickly becomes the useless salt described in Matt 5:13. It's not so much that the Father wants the light to be removed as punishment, but rather it's due to the fact that the Church will push it out of the way themselves in the name of political correctness. It's also mentioned that if anyone has an ear to hear, let them hear this message to the church and overcome will eat from the tree of life in paradise. This message applies to everyone; V7.

It's my prayer that all true Israel will hear the words of the Father. Praise his Holy Name!

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