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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Sealing Of The 144,000 Revelation 7:1-8

To see Revelation 7:1-8 without my comments click HERE.

The next event is in Revelation 7:1 which is the sealing of the 144,000. This particular passage, the way it is worded, is connected to the Sixth Seal and prior to the Seventh Seal. John, the author of Revelation, saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth. They were holding back the winds on the earth so it would not blow on the earth, sea, nor trees. Then an angel came from the East and told the four angels to hurt not the earth until they have sealed the servants of God to protect them from the coming events.

The problem with no wind...Biosphere 2 was an experiment where 8 people lived inside a 3 acre sealed greenhouse which was in the shape of a dome for two years during the 1990's. This experiment was an effort to produce a self sustaining environment separate from the world. The information gained from this experiment would prove valuable in a long term space flight to the planet Mars. One problem they had in Biosphere 2 was that there was no wind. No wind made the trees inside grow faster and mature quicker however, with a lack of wind the trees became brittle and broke off simply from gravity. Wind is an important to trees because it bends and strengthens trees as it stresses them. I am sure a lack of wind would also effect the oceans and seas of the world in a negative manner also. The stopping of the wind in Revelation 7:1 would be detrimental to life on earth. The lack of wind can be compared to like stress in people, to much stress and you can break. Not enough stress and you will not strengthen and eventually collapse under your own weight. We are promised that the Father will not put his children through more than they can handle. Make sure you praise the Lord for his promises! 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Who are the 144,000?
People that make the unscriptual claim that Israel no longer exists which is contrary to Amos 9:9, and  they also believe that other people somehow become a “Spiritual Israel” deny the Important role that true Israel has in the ruling city of the New Jerusalem when it comes to earth. Who are these special people called “Israel” one may ask? There are dozens of ways that I could answer this question, and I will try to keep it brief for today. One way that you can tell who modern day Israel is through the use of Etymology (study of the history of words). In Genesis 21:12 we are told that “...for in Isaac shall thy seed be called.” The descendants of Israel will have Isaac's name to them and will be therefore will be called “Isaac's sons.” Using Etymology, first you discover that Ancient Hebrew and English are very close. Then when you drop the “I” in Isaac or when the “I” becomes silent the term of Isaac's sons literally becomes “Saac's sons.” Today the term “Saac's Sons” is commonly spelt Saxon's as in the proper title of the Anglo-Saxon people.

I highly recommend the book called “Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets” by E Raymond Capt. For anyone that wants to study the dispersion of Israel a little further. This book is about the translated cuneiform Tablets from Assyria that prove the historic name changes and the migrations of Israel are directly connected to European peoples.

In Revelation 7:4-8 a description of how many people of each of the 12 tribes will be counted. One such group that claims that anyone can be Israel is a group called the Jehovah's Witnesses. They claim that only 144,000 will be saved in the last days. I know for a fact that some of their conventions have had over 250,000 attending. Because there are so many of them, most of them will not make it even if they do their religion perfectly. Little do the Jehovah's Witnesses know that the truth is that 144,000 Israelites will rule from the capital city of the New Jerusalem (Israel means “to rule with God”), and the Messiah will rule directly over Israel; Luke 1:32-33. Anyone else that Father Yahweh cares to save from the second death, and he deems worthy to be in his kingdom, will live on the restored earth outside of the New Jerusalem. His kingdom will fill the entire globe; Daniel 2:44.

I look forward to this restoration of his kingdom! Praise Yahweh!

Make sure that if a Jehovah's Witness ever tells you that he or she is one of the 144,000 then be sure to ask him or her to tell you which tribe they are descended from?

The inaccuracy of the tribal names

I have said before there are many translational errors in the King James Bible. One such error is in the names of the tribes of Israel in this chapter. In verse 6 the tribe of Manasseh is named as being one of the tribes ruling with God in the New Jerusalem. The problem with this is that they list the tribe of Joseph in verse 8 also, and Manasseh was one of Joseph's sons and is part of the tribe of Joseph. So, in essence the tribe of Joseph is listed twice. While at the same time the translators omitted the tribe of Dan when they added Manasseh. It is my belief that the translators got confused during the translation of the book of Revelation and lost track of the tribe of Dan and then added the tribe of Manasseh simply because the total of the twelve tribes had to equal the 144,000. I am positive that Dan was not omitted on purpose by John the author of Revelation. Dan is an important tribe in the last days so it has to be present; Genesis 49:16-17. The word “Dan” literally means “to judge.” The tribe of Dan is responsible to help judge the nations of Israel. To exemplify the point the name of the tribe of Dan is written on one of the gates of the New Jerusalem; Ezekiel 48:1,2,32 and It saddens me to point out such things, but I think it's more important for the truth be known.  

Praise Yahweh!


  1. Another great post Brother Frank. I am glad you went into talking about what would happen with no wind. I never really thought about it before nor looked into it. I learned a lot from your explanation and plan on looking more into the subject.

    Brother Erik

  2. Thank You for your comment Brother Erik. Interaction helps to keep me motivated more than you know.

  3. Thank You for your comment Brother Erik. Interaction helps to keep me motivated more than you know.