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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The End Of The Tribulation Revelation 8:1-5

To see Revelation 8:1-5 without my comments click HERE.

When the Messiah opened the Seventh Seal there was silence. To me this silence is significant because I am the type of person that believes that such things are put in the Bible for a reason, and not just put in there randomly for trivial reasons. Although we may not immediately know the reason, we are promised to find the answer if we are patient and seek the truth; James 1:5Proverbs 25:2.  Because Revelation 8:1 states the word “about” it obviously means it is an estimate of time. While searching for an explanation of this time, I found that Howard B. Rand's book “A Study In Revelation” Pg. 74, offers the best explanation of the meaning of this half hour of time. Dr. Rand states: “It's important to realize that heaven is a symbol of the Kingdom. Then this silence would refer to quietness or peace for a short time in the Kingdom.“

There are two possible explanations in relationship to this half hour of silence in relationship to this time: 1. If it is the prophetic hour of fifteen years, then this half hour could represent as little as 7 ½ days of peace. 2. If however at the other extreme, if this time is based upon the great hour, or a one twenty-fourth part of the time that Israel would be dispersed among the nations (2520 years), then a half hour could represent fifty-two and a half years. Either way, no matter your interpretation of what this term "half hour" is, the time is significant because the 144,000 of the tribes of Israel will be numbered and will pass safely beyond the danger zone, just prior to the following trumps. The Numbering and sealing of Israel ends the Great Tribulation, which is the test for the Israelite saints to see who remains faithful to Father Yahweh and his laws during these 3 1/2 years. One of the reasons we know it's the end of the Great Tribulation is because the parallel passage of Matthew 24:29 talks about the moon and stars not giving their light, compare this to Revelation 8:12, but more on this later...

There were 7 angels that stood before God. The true Biblical definition of angel is one that is a messenger. One angel (a different type of angel Strong's #243) makes intercession for Israel with a censer that contained the incense (prayers) of the saints. This intercession is the direct answering of the cries of the martyrs of the Fifth Seal of Revelation 6:9-10. This different angel (messenger) is none other than Yashua Messiah, our Mediator that makes intercession between Israel and God; Romans 8:34, Romans 11:2 

The description of this ceremony is an Israelite ceremony that is conducted by a High Priest before the Holy of Holies in a Tabernacle or in Temple worship.The Messiah is our Passover lamb that makes intercession to Father Yahweh on Israel's behalf. Prior to the Messiah becoming our kinsman redeemer, a priest had to make intercession for us using an unblemished lamb with the expressed purpose of transferring our sins to the lamb. This also demonstrated earnest expectations for the Messiah coming at a future time; Exodus 30:22-38.

Praise the Lord everyone!

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  1. Great post brother Frank...Is this hour of silence related to the peace the Anti-Christ will bring for a short period of time?

    Brother Erik