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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Genesis 18:7-33 The Real Reason Sodom Was Destroyed.

Today I am addressing the real reason why the city of Sodom was destroyed. First I need to cover a few things in this chapter that I feel are important. They do not contain enough information to make one post of each topic, So I will cover them in this one.

To read Genesis 18 without my comments click HERE.

In verse 7 we see that Abraham fetched a tender calf to feed the angels with, and of course we would call that veal. Some modern people seem to think it is a crime to eat veal because they are young cattle and haven't really had a chance to live however in verse 7 the bible shows that it is acceptable to eat veal. The Angels did it and I do it also. Some believe this is a sin and I do not agree. Veal are within the Fathers dietary food laws.

In verse 10 we see that Abraham and Sarah are told again that they will have a son, and she laughed at the promise of which she had been told many times. Instead of trusting God in his word she totally dismissed it. Not a good thing to be in disbelief when you get it from such a reliable source.

In verse 18 Abraham is told again he will become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed through Abraham and his descendants.

In verse 20 we are told that the sin of Sodom is very grievous. What this means is that there are varying degrees of sin and the idea that all sin is equal does not appear in the bible. In fact there are sins that are called abominations such as sodomy Lev 20:13 and some are referred to as plagues such as the sin of race mixing found in the story of the Phineas priest in Numbers 25:6-19. These types of relationships were outlawed not very long ago in this land, but now are very common. 

Race mixing is also an abomination. Mixing anything in nature is adulteration and we are not to adulterate anything including plants, animals, or people according to the Ten Commandments.

I have heard many times in my lifetime people saying things like "if the Father doesn't destroy America soon then he will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology." What was the sin of these cities that caused them to be destroyed one may ask? First of all I know the word sodomy comes from the name of the city destroyed in Genesis 19 called Sodom. Most people believe that this city was destroyed only because of the sin of Sodomy. I do not agree because if it is like any other city in history they had other crimes also. For example in the book of Jasher chapter 19 it talks about robbery and murder in Sodom. 

All cities that I have ever personally visited were a haven for all forms of sin and abominations. I believe it was many types of sin they had in these cities, however, the sins are not the reason the cities were destroyed. If you look at your bible in Genesis 18:22-33 Abraham intercedes for Sodom and asked the angels if there were 50 righteous in the city could it be spared and they said of course. Then he reduced the number in steps until he got down to 10 righteous people. This is the fact of the matter, there were not even 10 righteous people in these cities. This is the reason why the cities were not spared, not because of sin but because there were no righteous people there. 

Likewise the reason that I believe that America is not destroyed is because there are righteous people that are still in the land. Yes, my friend you very well may be righteous and if you are a righteous person then you are the reason why the Father does not destroy America like he did with the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

May the Lord bless his small remnant!


  1. HI Frank,
    Deuteronomy 14:21 Yahweh warns the children of Israel not to boil a kid in it's mother's milk.
    I would suggest that this has further connotations for the eating of veal.
    If the animal (calf) is feeding from it's mother then killing and cooking it will equate to 'boiling in it's mother's milk'. Think about it...
    I have the idea that 'calf' in the bible is an older animal than we tend to eat today.
    I know that in some cultures a calf (for meatr) is in reality a lager animal than we imagine a calf to be but not yet fully grown (in Croatia for example).
    Just some 'food' for thought!

  2. Hi Scott and thank you for your comment. You brought up a point that is important and I did try to do a little research on the subject, (only about a half an hour and was not exhaustive). Doing Google searches I found that there were people already asking why boiling a kid (goat) in its mothers milk was forbidden and it was in the bible 3 times. ex23:19,ex34:26, and deut14:21. It actually brought to light more questions then answers. The general idea that I got from this is that boiling a goat in milk was a pagan practice. I got this idea from this document speaking of a find in Syria by a farmer. scroll down to page 5 where it says "Ugarit and Exogenesis". Assuming it's a pagan practice that is not allowed because it is meant to appease the Canaanite gods, it also opens other questions such as: does the bible consider a goat and calf the same animal as far as how they are treated? and also I have talked to 3 women about how to cook veal, because I really don't know, and all 3 said you don't boil the calf in milk, they did say however that you use milk in the breading process, so is this considered boiling? not sure. If I am way off on this then please do help me understand. Thanks Brother Frank