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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Will China and Russia Destroy the Planet?

Recently in the news we find out the Chinese Government is preparing their civilian population for a nuclear war with the United States. This is according to many articles posted this week. I will only post the link to The Washington Times for simplicity. To see it click HERE.

Will the world end in a big fireball in space frying all inhabitants to a crisp? 

I am going to answer this question in two parts, as I think there are two parts of this question that need attention. First I will post a little about the idea of the planet being destroyed.

There was a time in my life when I believed it was inevitable. Many during the cold war practiced what is called Nuclear War Survival Skills. Of course now that I am older and hopefully more wiser, I realize that the most powerful Nuclear Weapons on the earth are not even remotely powerful enough to destroy an area the size of the earth or even most of the earth. The reason I say this is because if you take a 12”globe and push a pin into it, the most powerful weapons we have cannot even destroy a portion of the earth the size of the pin (by scale of course).

But more importantly, the bible does not say the world will end though nuclear destruction. This does not mean that a Chinese nuclear weapon will never make it to our shores. The bible does say that God will send his son to stop humans from destroying the earth and life on it. Man will continue to misgovern himself to the point of where divine intervention will become necessary for the sake of the elect of Israel (Matt 24:22). There will become times of great trouble as the governments of mankind continue to promote war, poverty, and starvation through their ungodly policies. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Matt 24:21.

Few understand that the cause of the problems that we face today is largely brought upon us by the mismanagement of governments who simply reject the law of Father Yahweh. I realize I may be preaching to the choir, as the elect already know this. King David said that it is easy to follow Yahweh's law and it brings freedom and happiness (Psalm 119:44-48).

Secondly, it's in prophecy that both China and Russia will invade America. One can only come to this conclusion when we realize that in the bible when they talk about "Israel" they are talking about a person in the bible and his descendants, and not a land mass in Palestine that has never had the name Israel before in history until recent times, (it's called Canaan land in the bible). There will come a time when Gog and Magog will attack and try to destroy Israel in the new JerUSAlem. In a related article I have posted about the valley of Armageddon before, for those who wish to see it click HERE.

Is the time of the Gog and Magog invasion and the Son returning at hand? No person can answer this question because only the Father knows the time when he will send his son to forcefully install his Government (Matt 24:36). The best book that I have seen regarding China and Russia invading America is called "Russsia will invade America (and be defeated) by Sheldon Emry. This was written during the cold war when we were more concerned with Russia, and is still applicable for today. This book could have easily been called "China and Russia will invade America". I will send a free copy of this book to anyone that writes me free of charge, make sure you provide an address for me to send it to. The address to write to is in the column to the right side of this post.

I encourage the elect to keep their eyes on the Messiah (Luke 9:62) and to stay strong in the Lord (Eph 6:10) as times will get worse in the near future and the governments of this earth will eventually make all out war with Israel. But, when the Lord of Lords returns to establish his earthly kingdom, mans governmental system and this age will come to an end very quickly Rev 16:14-20, Zech 14:1-4,12.

Praise the Lord!

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