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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Genesis 17 Sign Of The Covenant

To read Genesis 17 without my comments click HERE.

This is not the most favorable of topics I wish to discuss, however, the central theme of Genesis 17 is circumcision. It's notable in Genesis 17 that Father Yahweh changes the name of both Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, and of course I think everyone at this point knows that the names Abraham and Sarah mean "Father of many nations and Mother of many nations." He also instructs all in Abraham's household to become circumcised to include Ishmael.

I admit I am interjecting my opinion in this matter, but, I believe circumcision was so that the Hebrew women would know who they were with. This is because Abraham was fair skinned and there were other fair skinned people on the earth at that time which were not of the household of Abraham, and therefore not receivers of Abraham's blessings. The Father also tells Abraham that Ishmael will not be the inheritor of the blessings of Abraham, and Abraham is going to have other children. In verse 17 Abraham laughs at the idea that he was going to have other children. This is silly on Abraham's part because Abraham's father was 137 years old when Abraham was born and Abraham was only 100 at that time. In fact Abraham's laughter later on down the road is what Issac is named after, which means "he laughs" referring to Abraham's laughter at the notification of his next son.

Reasons for biblical circumcision:
The Father told Abraham to do this and this is good enough reason for anyone that follows the Father to do anything, however I just want to list the benefits which outweigh the risks for such a thing. I compiled this short list from this site HERE.
Less chance for urinary tract infections.
Less chance for diseases for both the man and his female counterpart.

I also want to stress that biblical circumcision is not related to Talmudic circumcision at all. Most should know at this point that the bible did not come from the Talmud and was written long before the Talmud was even thought of. In Talmudic circumcision it is a blood ritual and is a very sick procedure. In fact any Rabbi that performs Talmudic circumcision is a pedophile by definition because of the suction process involved during the procedure, and often times the Rabbi transfers sexually transmitted diseases to the child which in turn dies. I like to post pictures in my posts to try to keep them interesting, however there are no pictures that are suitable for posting here on this subject. If someone wants more information on Talmudic Circumcisions then click HERE for more information than you will want to know about this ungodly act. There are many articles on the internet that talk about Rabbi's killing children by transferring STD's by mouth to the children, and I will just post a couple.

CNN ARTICLE of Rabbi's killing children with their circumcision. There are others if one Google searches this subject.

I praise the Lord for his everlasting word!

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