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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Governmental kingdom of God is coming

When starting out talking about a kingdom it's vital to understand what a kingdom is. A kingdom by definition is defined by four readily available attributes.
1 A ruling king.
2 The people ruling with the king, and citizens of a kingdom.
3 Must have a territory.
4 Must have laws or rules the citizens are expected to follow.

When the Messiah returns his angels will root out all the tares and burn them Matthew 13:36-43.

The bible uses the word “Kingdom” to define both a government and a family.
Government for example: when Daniel talked to king Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon he called his government a kingdom;“The God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory” (Dan 2:37). It may be true that Nebuchadnezzar did have the above four components of a kingdom, however the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar cannot be described as being a righteous Godly kingdom by anyone's definition.

The bible also defines the family of Israel as a government in many places. I will only touch on a couple as there are many concerning Israel. Jacob Israel will be a kingdom of priests (Ex 19:3-6), and just a few, in numbers (luke 12:32). The people to rule in the kingdom (Israel) are described in the bible. I believe just in case there are questions on who are these people are 100 identifiable marks to identify them which can be seen if you click HERE. 
These marks can only be found in the civilized Caucasian led nations of the world, although there are other races and groups of people who claim to be Israel, but none have any of these marks at all!

So putting it all together the Kingdom message is both a Government and the ruling family that rules under Yah's laws The Holy Kingdom of the father has a:

King-     foretold in Isaiah 7:14 and shall govern Isaiah 9:6-7 His kingdom shall not end Luke 1:32-33.
People- the righteous of Israel are a kingdom of priests exodus 19:6 and few in numbers Luke 12:32.
Territory- the kingdom has a territory without end, and will be ruled from the New Jerusalem that will come    to earth (rev 21).
Laws-     there are many laws in the bible. In fact about 71% of the bible deals with Government, and only about 29% of it deals with personal salvation.

Almost 3/4 of the bible talks about the government and how to be a citizen in the kingdom of God, while about 1/3 talks about you personally, your personal relationship with the Father, and your personal duties in his kingdom.

There is a kingdom coming. It's not just going to appear in front of us this very moment. It will be brought in a most dramatic way Matt 13:36-43. Those of Jacob Israel will only be allowed to rule who have accepted the undeserving free gift from their kinsman redeemer Luke 19:11-27.
The bible is clear there will be 144,000 righteous Israelites ruling from his kingdom when he returns. I have a hard time seeing half that many being righteous, but we are living in some wicked times, and I do believe the bible is accurate, and have no reason to doubt the word of God at all.

Praise the Lord!

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