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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Roots of Christian Zionism

Today about 99% of all bible colleges in North America use the Scofield bible notes as the primary source of information when interpreting the bible. Although many may feel as if reading this book is no big deal, it is however a very big deal. The reasons that I say this is because of the teachings in this book are preached in many Jewish Christian (Judeo-christian) churches in America today and as a result many Christian Zionists feel justified in promoting war in the interest of the nation Israeli. 

I have heard some Christians when they talk about the Muslims in the middle east speak as if they want to destroy the Muslims and the middle east with a war for Israeli. The bible I read tells us to live in peace with all if possible, and blessed are the peacemakers. 

I do admit I am anti-Zionist, this does not automatically mean someone hates Jews if they are anti-Zionist. There are many Jews that are Anti-Zionist such as Ted Pike, Brother Nathael, Neturei Karta, and Jewish Authors such as Benjamin Freedman author of "Facts are Facts" and Arthur Koestler author of "The Thirteenth Trible." So please do not bother to post any comments saying that I am Anti-Semitic, I do not have time for such nonsense. 

The teachings in Scofields book include: Jesus was Jewish and came to rule over the Jews. When the Jews rejected him he changed his mind, and instead died on the cross postponing this Jewish Kingdom until a later date and in the meantime decided to bring in other Non-Jewish people into the kingdom who will be subservient to the Jews and accept Jesus as their Jewish king. This is Zionism at it's bare core.

This video is one hour long. I generally do not like to post videos this long, but feel the information is important for people to know. Please watch if you have the time.

Israeli is the place where the Jews have laws against Christianity. Some of these laws include: not letting Christian churches be built at all in Israeli, the only exception where Christian churches can exist, or can be built, is in the Gaza Strip, this is only because the Muslims do allow and tolerate Christianity there. A mandatory 5 year prison sentence for preaching the gospel and handing out literature. Well known Christian Missionaries are blacklisted and only are allowed in the country for 6 weeks. The Israeli's also teach their children not to use the plus sign in addition because it resembles the cross.
Now with all this, I can promise you that the Messiah (Jesus) does not want to rule over Israeli nor over these anti-Christ false (Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9) Jews.

These teachings by Scofield about the Jews was a new concept when he published his first Scofield bible in 1909, which was heresy at that time because it is very similar to the teachings of the Talmud.  The word “Jew” was less than 100 years old then, and only was used in literature as early as the 1850's. In fact there is no place in the original 1611 King James bible where the word Jew appears at all and has been written into the KJV over the course of time thanks to Zionists such as Scofield, as the King James bible has been revised many dozens of times. 

Although Zionism originally was a Jewish concept there are now many Christians that have the same exact view.

One may ask who exactly do I think I am by saying such things, but more importantly I would hope others would ask what kind of person was Cyrus Scofield to say what  he did and to publish such unbiblical nonsense in his bible notes, which by the way is just the King James bible with notes attached to it.

To find out what kind of a person Cyrus Scofield was, we can look at his accomplishments which include:
A fradulent enlistment into the army.
Claimed to be a lawyer and practiced law without a liscense.
Forged documents to sell land and to kept the money. He even did this to his mother in law.
Did jail time for his land fraud schemes.
Abandoned his wife and two children.
Claimed to have a Doctorates degree and be a Doctor when he wasn't.
Became a preacher in Texas and never told of his other life in NYC with well known Zionists.
He falsely claimed to be an ex-alcoholic to make his conversion more believable. 
Went to the Austrian Alps, a very wealthy place to live, to write his book for four years when not many details were known about what he was doing or who he was staying with.
Obviously  had connections to Oxford Press, to publish his book when they had never published any Christian material at all before that time, so he had connections. Oxford press then and now is owned by Zionist Jews and they retain the publication rights for the Scofield bible to this day.

Until Christianity realizes who the wolves are in sheep clothing nothing will change. I pray for a revival of Christianity in America. Praise the Lord!

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