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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Genesis 15 The Fathers Chosen People Prophesied For Bondage

In Genesis 15 It's almost as if the bible is catching up with itself by recapping the important events. 

To read Genesis 15 click HERE.

We know that when Abram was in Ur he was called to come out of the city and was called to be separate (Gen 12:1). Just the fact of separating from both Non-Israelites and Israelites who do not follow the laws of the bible, is an act of faith in itself. This simple act is demonstrated throughout the bible by others beside Abram and is also commanded also for the true followers of Yah in the last days, which I believe we are in (Rev 18:4).

Because of Abrams act of faith both him and his descendants are promised to inherit Canaan.

Abram is promised that his seed will be innumerable like the stars. In other words they are to become a majority of peoples, spread over the planet.
 At this time Abram had no kin and was 100 and Sarai was 90. Abram wonders if his next of kin Eliezer of Damascus would be the inheritor. The Father reaffirms that Abram would have offspring. The Father then makes a covenant with Abram with separated animals. This covenant is referred to the “Covenant between the parts.” I do not know much about how this covenant works, but I do know that if Abram had a conditional covenant then he would have been required to pass through the parts. We know that that was not the case in this event and he entered an unconditional covenant with the Father. In other words, this covenant was going to happen no matter what Abram did or didn't do.

Genesis 15:13 is the place where it is mentioned in prophecy that Abrams seed would spend 400 years in bondage in a foreign land (Egypt).  When Abrams descendants leave the land of bondage they will be rich from those who have enslaved them (Gen 15:14).

There are members of the major races that think they have come from Abram. I have seen a site where some Asians believe they have come from Abram, and I have also seen sites where blacks think they came from Abram also, mostly these are the Louis Farrakhan types that work to depress other races rather than to elevate their own. The reasoning they use for this is because they believe that Deut 28 the blessings and curses chapter, is directly talking to them. They also use slavery in their reasoning. They believe that they are still being oppressed in this country and it began in the 1600's making a total of 400 years of bondage for them. Now they believe with majority of whites soon to become the minority they will take the riches from the country and take their proper place in the world. 

Of course I do not believe this because the bible gives a clear description of what the chosen people look like. The description is not Asian nor Black. Another reason that I believe that they are not the people of the bible is because if you tell a Caucasian that they are the people of the bible the first question they always ask is: What about the other races? 

This is a question that would only come from the people who are the chosen people as they have a natural instinct to be concerned about others. The true people are a kind, caring, and sharing people that often deny themselves for others, even those of other races. If you tell an Asian or a Black they are the chosen people they will not be concerned about other races like Caucasians are.

Praise the Lord for his tiny remnant!

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