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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Science Proves The Jews Are Not Israelites

One recent article proves Jews are not Israel. By the word "Jew" it's meant those who have adapted the anti-Christ religion of Judaism, and not those who are from the Southern tribe of Israel, which are called Judahites.

To see this recent article click HERE.

This truth of the Jew not being Israel is the message that I have been trying to tell everyone for years. This fact is also proven through the Bible and History as well, for those who have ears to hear the truth. It's the Ashkenazi Jew from Europe that makes up most of Judaism today. The Ashkenazi's are about 92% of what we call Jews today according to many sources of information. Click HERE to see one such site. The Ashkenazi converted as a nation to Judaism in the 8th century, and are from a nation called Khazaria, which is not anywhere near Palestine.

In the 8th Century the Khazarian nation adopted the religion of Judaism. This nation was south of Germany. This is why modern Jews speak Yiddish which is actuality ancient German. Yiddish is not even remotely close to ancient Hebrew.

Although there are many articles on the internet that basically say the same thing, there are Christians out there that somehow actually believe that the Ashkenazi Jews are God's chosen people. One such person is John Hagee who believes that Jews do not need the Messiah (Jesus) and can some how get to heaven on their own. I have a lot of problems with his message and will not address this foolishness now.

If somehow those who adopt the anti-Christ religion of Judaism become God's chosen people, then why don't Christians like John Hagee change their religion to Judaism so he can be one of God's chosen also? What religion can survive when the clergy are telling their people that another false religion is the right one?

It's a common Jewish-Christian (Judeo-Christian) belief that somehow in the last days there will be 144,000 Jews come forward in some sort of Billy Graham crusade and accept Jesus, then rule the earth. Yes, there are some that actually believe this nonsense! The truth is that the Jews are ruling the planet now and will not be ruling the kingdom to come. They are mentioned in the book of Revelation in chapter 2 verse 9 and in Revelation 3 verse 9 for those who want to read their bible. Now I just have to get people to believe the bible!
Praise the Lord!

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