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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Sins of Sodom Genesis 19:1-14

To read Genesis 19 without my comments click HERE.

In Genesis 19 we read that Lot sat in the gate in Sodom. He was an important figure in the city. This is probably because he had money and resources in much the same way that we have only the rich running America today. The angels inform Lot that they had intentions of staying in the street for the night. Although the bible does say "street" it's my belief that it may not literally mean street as we know it because of the traffic.

 There may have been places by the side of the road where travelers would have stayed. Today we would know a place like that as something like a Hostel or the local YMCA. Anyone that knows anything about these types of places would know that they would have to sleep with one eye open because you wouldn't know what kind of vile thing would be coming at you at any given time. Lot insisted the Angels stay with him for their own protection.

The reason for this concern became obvious when the men of the city came to Lot's door and demanded to have the angels come out so they could rape them. Lot offered to send his daughters out for them and these dirty dogs made it clear in verse 5 that they wanted to perform sodomy on the angels instead. I know one would question Lots walk with the Father based upon his decision to offer his daughters, however in the end the bible tells us that lot was either a just man or became a just man during his lifetime 2 Peter 2:7.

In verse 9 the sodomites tell Lot to stand back or they will do worse to him then they will do to the angels. Just the use of the word "worse" in this sentence should tell you that they knew their actions they commit were bad as the word "worse" is another way of saying it is even badder than bad.
In verse 10 Lot is rescued by the angels and the angels then blinded the men of Sodom.
In verse 13 and 14 Lot is told by the angels that they will destroy the city and Lot is mocked by his sons in laws when he spreads the news.

The city of Sodom was full of grievous sin. This grievous sin I believe was not only the sin of sodomy but was full of every reprobate sin imaginable. The bible is very clear in the book of Romans that those who perform the sin of sodomy open a flood gate of other sins that accompany this sin. In chapter 1 verses 26-32 is a list of these sins.

By all rights this type of lifestyle should die out because sodomites cannot reproduce. Because of this, they have to recruit to keep an active community available to tolerate their lifestyle. 99% of people when they become adults already know their preferences in this matter and there are extremely very few people that just come to this lifestyle on their own. To be able to recruit they have to recruit children who are the most impressionable of any given population. This is exactly why there is such a push to have sodomite boy and girl scout leaders and why there are so many of them around children in such professions as teachers and councilors.

It wasn't all that long ago when sodomy was considered a mental illness. Now not only is it normalized in our culture but it's encouraged in public schools and universities through the GLBT clubs that are paid for with your tax dollars.

I hope all have a good Thanksgiving and encourage all to keep the Father first in all they do!

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