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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where Is The New Jerusalem Part 4

In this final post about the New Jerusalem I'm writing about where the prophetic “New Jerusalem” of Revelation 21 is. Some believe that this prophetic New Jerusalem of the bible is located in the tiny country of Israeli and it exists right now. The city of Jerusalem (city of God) and Zion (the throne of God) is not located in the country of Israeli. I can promise this prophetic city of Revelation is not found in Israeli and is not being fulfilled by the Jews.

For those who doubt me....
Here is a question for you, if Jerusalem was being fulfilled by the Jews in Israeli right now, then why is Tel Aviv the capital of Israeli instead of Jerusalem?

Where is this New Jerusalem at then?
This is where the prophetic city of Jerusalem is: it's in the heavens and our messiah is preparing it for us John 14:2. On that glorious day, the city of the "New Jerusalem" will come to earth as described in Revelation 21:2. There is no place in the bible that tells us that we will go to it in the heavens as most churches teach, as the bible says that no man has ascended into heaven John 3:13, but rather the city is coming to us when our messiah returns and cleans house Luke 20:9-19.

The bible tells us dozens of times that this new city is the kingdom of heaven” there is no place it is called the kingdom in heaven” in the bible at all. There is a big difference between the words “of” and “in”, think about it.

The physical size of the New Jerusalem when it comes, is very large. In fact it is so large that in Revelation 21:16 it takes an angel to measure its distance of 12,000 furlongs. A furlong is a unit of measurement that is equal to 0.125 miles. So 12,000 x 0.125 = 1,500 miles long and 1,500 miles wide. To give you an idea of how large this area is in comparison to America it's about half the size of the country. One quick point I want to make is that if the new Jerusalem was in Israel as some claim, it would be large enough to cover the country of Israeli, Jordan, half of Egypt, Parts of Saudi Arabia, etc... which is not the case (see picture down below).

In Rev 21:17 we are told the walls of the New Jerusalem are 144 cubits (about 360 ft.) high to keep out Non-Israelites and will only allow in the believing sons of Jacob Israel. For those who think that this is wrong need to read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and what they went through after the Babylonian captivity. The wall that was built was to keep the returning Israelites separate from the alien hordes.

The walls themselves of the prophetic New Jerusalem have 12 gates corresponding to the 12 different tribes of Israel in the same fashion as the Hebrew encampment found in Numbers 2. This allows for the 144,000 Hebrew Israelites that are to rule with the Messiah (Yahweh in human flesh) easy access to this city.

Will you be in the New Jerusalem or at least be part of his kingdom when he returns to earth? Can any of us really know for sure if we will be allowed, or even yet, one could wonder if they actually have a ancestry to Israel because there were other fair people on earth when Abraham and his descendants received the Fathers blessing. The bible is clear that not everyone will enter the ruling city of God or be in the Kingdom of God. 1Cor 6:9. Some will be very surprised in the end when they are not allowed into the city or the Kingdom but will be put to death a second time Matt7:21-23 as the unrighteous cannot cohabit with the righteous Rev21:27.

The way I personally feel about this is that even if someone could prove to me that I was not a pure blooded Israelite, which may or may not be the case, it wouldn't change the bible nor the facts in it and I would still preach the gospel as Father Yahweh reveals his word to me. If I am just to hold the door open for the Israelites to come in and out of the city, or I am a lowly garbage collector, I will feel blessed by the most high (if you think that is horrible life then read about the trials of Job).
Yes, my friend I really feel this way because if the Messiah gave up Heaven to come to the earth, and washed the feet of the unworthy when he was here, then holding a door open or being a garbage collector is his will for me, then that is what I will do and it will be a blessing, praise the Lord!

This life we live is only a test, and a test it is. If you have an easy life and are not tested much you will have a difficult time entering the kingdom no matter who you are. This is why the rich will have a difficult time. Only when we are tested fully is when the Father knows what we will do for him. I can also tell you that if the world doesn't hate you then you are living a different message than what the Messiah preached.

I tell everyone to Keep the Messiah first in all they do, all the time for a reason Matt 6:33. In Matt 19:29 we know that when we give everything to the Messiah we will find life. It's only when we empty ourselves of our selfish desires and become empty vessels, then and only then, is when he can use us and we can be used for his glory. In other words when we give up our lives on earth (this may include wine, women, and song) and turn it over to the Father, then this is the only time when we can find eternal life.

The Messiah gave up Heaven for you, what have you given up for the Messiah?

I praise Yahweh for all his prodigal children that heed his calling and come unto him!

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