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Friday, December 6, 2013

Biometric Numbers Lead To RFID Chips

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Its been a little while since I touched on the subject of the Mark of the Beast. Recently information has been coming forward looking like the mark is soon to become a reality. Recently on CNN I heard about a new thing that is going on in India, their government is assigning a biometric number to every Indian. This is being done with the help of our CIA. This event got my attention mostly because I was wondering what the CIA would want to do this for, and ultimately this could show the direction our Government is thinking of going as they plan national policy for us. They are using India as an experiment to work out the logistics of assigning biometric numbers.

While searching for information on this I came across Judeo-Christian ministers that are receiving RFID chips which could possibly be the mark of the beast, in this country right now. They are preaching to their congregations to embrace the idea of receiving the RFID chip. The main example of this is of a preacher by the name of John MacArthur from NYC.

Most of my life I thought the Preachers would try to warn the people to not receive such things that are either the mark of the beast or eventually will lead to the mark of the beast. 

This is a 5 minute video of Jimmy DeYoung being interviewed about the RFID chip. He came up with the same conclusion that John MacArthur came up with. There is something seriously wrong here when multiple preachers are coming up with the same false concept.

Although I am not definitively saying the RFID is the mark of the beast at this point, I am quite willing to say that if it isn't then it will eventually lead to people becoming accustomed to the idea that receiving a mark is a good thing. Another idea that is being worked on right now is an electronic Tattoo.

Google is spending large sums of money to develop this tattoo they claim it is used in conjunction with your electronic devices. Could this eventually become an electronic entity in itself?

I know where all this is going, eventually all your information will be digitized such as your medical information, your bank information etc... and when this happens they can wipe out the medical records, and bank account of the politically incorrect with a push of a button. I encourage all to try to resist any marks that the government would want to put on you and to try to avoid using electronic cards that use RFID chips such as bank cards that will only encourage them to pursue this prophetic bible concept. Try to use cash to make your purchases etc. If enough people stay clear of the RFID's they will move on to something else.

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