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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Halley's Comment Genesis 26:34-35

To read Genesis 26:34-35 without my comments click HERE.

While doing research on Esau and Jacob I came across in Halley's Bible Handbook, a comment that they made in their book, 1965 edition pg.103. “Esau's descendants, the Edomites, were subservient to Israel and in time, they did throw off Israel's yoke (II Kings 8:20-22), and, they have disappeared from history.”

Although I do use the Handbook often, I don't agree with their comment that Esau has disappeared from history. Esau was a Nation just like Jacob (Israel) was a nation, and neither disappeared. Unlike Israel, Esau mixed his seed with the Hittite women and created a new race of people, so anyone that would mix with Esau's seed from that point would become an Edomite which is a Canaanite tribe.

11 times in Genesis 36 the Bible tells us that Esau is Edom. So, it's only logical that any information about Edom would be the descendants of Esau.
The Edomite Nation was located South of the Dead Sea, and its capital was where we would today call the southern countryside of Jordan. The capital of Edom was called Petra. There are many books written about this mysterious land of the Edomites. 

Anyone that has followed history in this region of the world will know that the Kingdom of Edom was conquered by John Hyrcanus in 125 B.C., forced to practice the religion of Judaism, and were forced to become part of the Kingdom of Judea. This is where the term Edomite, or Canaanite Jew comes from. This information can be validated by the writings of the Jews themselves. I do not expect anyone to take my word for anything on this blog and do encourage all to read and study, as the Bible tells us to do in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

The following are just a few quotes from the Jews themselves. I pray it's enough information for people to want to research this on their own.

The 1905 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia states that “Edom is in Modern Jewry.”

The Jewish Encyclopedia, edition of 1925, Vol. 5, page 41, states “Edom is in modern Jewry.”

According to The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1977 edition P. 589) and the Encyclopedia Judaica (1971, Vol. 6, p378 “Judah Maccabee's son, John Hyrcanus, conquered the whole of Edom and undertook the forced conversion of its inhabitants to Judaism.”

There are many books that give in detail of who modern day Esau is. One such book is called "Who Is Esau-Edom? by Charles Weisman. Those who cannot afford to buy the book can read it for free by clicking HERE.

When John Hyrcanus conquered the Edomite nation, the Judaites were vastly outnumbered by millions of aliens. Only a little over 40,000 Judaites returned from the Babylonian Captivity. Therefore the majority of Judeans were Edomites that practiced the Tradition of the Elders, or Judaism.

To see a brief summary of this account click HERE and scroll halfway down the page to the paragraph labeled “Classical Antiquity.” Anyone wanting to do a more in depth study of the annexation of Edom into Judea can read books by Flavius Josephus, who was a first century scribe from the Israelite tribe of Dan. Read his books #12 and #13 for a more in depth account. I am sure all the works by Josephus are available in PDF format on the internet.

Praise the Lord!

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