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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Stone of Israel Part 4

I am quickly coming up on Genesis 28 and going to try to finish the information about this stone in this post by sticking to just the highlights.

When we left off in “The Stone ofIsrael Part 3” The Prophet Jeremiah, his Scribe Baruch, and the King's Daughters went to Egypt to escape the Babylonian Invasion. In General, it's only common sense that anytime when there's an invading army, there will be people fleeing from any city. In this case they literally had a choice of either escaping the carnage or becoming slaves to the Babylonians. Escaping or becoming a slave was also this choice that the Northern Tribes of Israel had before and during the Assyrian Invasion of the Northern Tribes of Israel.
Tea Tephi was one of the King's daughters. Tea Tephi means "Tender Twig" and is the same wordage used in the riddle of Ezekiel 17:22. Coincidence? I don't think so.

There are many books and facts on the connection between different parts of Europe and ancient Palestine, but will only will touch on some of the connections for Ireland today. This story continues in a land called Hibernia, (today we would know Hibernia as Ireland). Hibernia means “The new land of the Hebrews” in Ancient Hebrew, (which by the way the language of Ireland is Gaelic and is identical to Ancient Hebrew, if you want to know what ancient Hebrew sounded like just listen to someone speaking Gaelic. Yiddish is ancient German and is not Hebrew!) in which the story of the stone continues. . How they arrived in Ireland is lengthy and is outlined in great detail by the Bards of Ireland in a book called “The Book Of Tephi” for those who have interest. So, I will not go into much detail of this information here because it can be readily researched. I have this book in my library and I am willing to loan it to anyone that I personally know that has interest.
The flag of Northern Ireland depicts a hand with a scarlet thread tied around the wrist or more commonly shown as just a red hand. Many believe this is the hand of Zarah as mentioned in Genesis 38. 

There were Judahites in Hibernia (Ireland) when the Prophet Jeremiah, his scribe Baruch, and Tea Tephi arrived, let me briefly explain... In Genesis 38, Judah, the son of Jacob corrupted his seed with a Canaanite woman and had two children with her. Both were unpleasing unto the Lord and he slew them both. Eventually the Canaanite woman died also. So Judah remarried to a Hebrew woman named Tamar, and had twin boys named Zarah and Pharez.

In Gen 38:28-30 “And it came to pass, as he drew back his hand, that, behold his brother came out; and she said, How hast thou broken forth? This breach be upon thee; therefore his name is called Pharez. And afterward came out his brother, that had the scarlet thread upon his hand; and his name was called Zarah.”

When the twins of Genesis 38 were born, a scarlet thread was tied to Zarah's hand. From the line of the one twins, Pharez, came King David. With the fall of Jerusalem came a breach in the Pharez branch, while the entire family line of Zarah migrated out of Palestine prior to this time.
The tomb of the Prophet Jeremiah is a famous landmark in Ireland. Most do not take the time to think why the tomb of the Prophet Jeremiah is in Ireland to begin with???

When the Prophet Jeremiah, Baruch, and Judah's princesses arrived in Ireland over 2,500 years ago with the stone of Israel, they were greeted by fellow Judahites from the line of Zarah, that were waiting for their Queen Tea Tephi, which means “tender twig”. According to history, the stone of Israel remained in Ireland for 905 years and then went to Scotland where it remained for another 981 years. Afterward, it was moved to England by Edward (longshanks) and now sets in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey to this day to be used in coronation ceremonies for incoming Monarchs.

The Stone of Israel now rests under the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.

There's literally volumes of information on the stone of Israel and the connection Ireland has with the Hebrews. I could literally devote this entire blog to just the information about this stone and its connection to the people called "Israel". I may or may not have a done an injustice to condense this information to one page as I just hit on some of the highlights here. I encourage all to research this lengthy material and decide for themselves on the claim that the Jacob's Stone is literally closer than we think.

Praise the Lord!

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