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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Blessings of Jacob Genesis 28

To see Genesis 28 without my comments click HERE.

Once again we see in verse 1, that the Bible reiterates the fact that Hebrews are not to mix with non-Hebrews by the fact that both Isaac, as well as Rebekah in the last chapter, tell Jacob not to mix with the Canaanite women. This was obviously because the Messiah was not to come to the Hittite nor the Canaanite nation. 

It should be noted that if it didn't matter which race of people that the Hebrews married, which is taught in the modern Judeo-Christian Churches, then Isaac or Jacob could have just had a Canaanite woman say the "Sinner"s Prayer" and then just marry her. Of course those who study the bible for justification for this idea would have an impossible task of finding the "Sinner's Prayer" in the Bible, because it's simply not there.

Instead, Jacob (Israel) was told to go to Laban in the land of Haran to find himself a wife of his own kind. At this time Esau was filled with hate for Jacob, and was going to kill Jacob as soon as Isaac died. Esau also knew that his parents Isaac and Rebekah disapproved of his racially mixed marriage to two Hittite women in Genesis 26:34, So Esau married an Ishmaelite (1/2 Hebrew) in an attempt for recompence for marrying the Canaanite women. Of course this did nothing but exasperate the situation. If you remember, in another post Ishmael's mother “Hagar” was a non-Hebrew Egyptian slave. Ishmael did not receive the blessing from Abraham, only Isaac did, so the Ismaelites did not receive the blessing from Abraham.

While fleeing Esau, Jacob rested and received confirmation from Father Yahweh that he indeed had the blessing.

On the way to see Laban, Jacob slept and dreamed about a ladder with Angels ascending and descending from Heaven to Jacob (Israel). This ladder gave Jacob assurance that the birthright of Isaac was indeed his. Obviously he felt bad about deceiving Isaac his father, but Isaac was going to do the wrong thing by blessing Esau who race mixed and this would be diametrically opposed to the will of the Father. 

Later in John 1:51 The Messiah leaves no doubt that he is indeed the ladder that joined heaven to Jacob and his descendants.

In verses 13 and14, the Father tells Jacob that his seed will be uncountable like the dust of the earth and promises great land expanses to his descendants. Some believe that this land or area that was promised to Jacob and his descendants exclusively consisted of only Palestine. However, if one looks to see where Jacob was when the promise was made they will realize that he was already in Palestine at that time when he was told his descendants would be spread abroad in all directions. It's no accident that the directions that were given to Jacob by Father Yahweh were West, East, North, and South. This is very much different from the points on a 4 point mariners compass rose. The way the directions are expressed in the cardinal directions, are always expressed North, South, East, and West.

This promise was realized centuries later when the word of Yahweh would come true once again and it's not only always true, but also everlasting.

Let me explain...
First the descendants of Jacob would spread to the West to Ireland, Scotland, and Britain. They would then go even further West to Newfoundland and America.
Second they went East into India.
Third they went North into Canada even going to the North Pole.
Fourth they went South to Australia and South Africa.

In the morning Jacob took the stone he slept on, and poured oil on it. He knew God was in that place and he called it Bethel meaning “The House of God.” That stone was thenceforth known as the Stone of Israel.

I came across this video on Youtube of a man that does a good job talking about the Lia Fail, or Stone of Israel. This is only part One of Five and the other Four parts are available on Youtube also if it holds your interest.

                              It isn't until 5:50 into the video when his speech begins.

Hope all have a blessed day and keep God first in all they do!

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