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Friday, July 11, 2014

Is Joseph Imhotep? Part 2

In Part 1 I stated my opinion that both Joseph and Imhotep were the same person. In part 2 I am going to talk briefly about why I believe they cannot find the tomb of Imhotep, or Joseph's tomb.

The coincidences between Imhotep and Joseph are many and I think even the names sound similar by having syllables that sound similar in both names. But where is the tomb of Imhotep that has been eluding archaeologists? If Imhotep is not Joseph and is still in Egypt, being a man of his caliber, he surely would not only have a large tomb but it would be plush beyond belief.

Now I am going to tell you where I am going with this. There is a tomb in Egypt that is very large and is empty. Scientists have proven there once was a mummified body in this tomb and they have no idea to whom it once belonged. This tomb is inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is so large that it covers 13 acres of land. The plan to build a pyramid of this size and with this amount of detail would have had to have come directly from the Father and would have to be a great man to let him understand the blueprint. He had to been a resident of Egypt. He would have to understand the weather of Egypt. He would have had to been in high repute with the Pharohs. He would have had to been able to control the 100-300 thousand men needed to build it.

Most agree that the building of the pyramid would have been around 2,500-1,722 B.C. Which would have been approximately the same time when Joseph was in Egypt. When Joseph interpreted the famous dream of Genesis 41 he was made Prime Minister and Chief Exchequer, or Treasurer over all of Egypt. From then and for another 80 years Joseph lived in Egypt. It can readily be proven by the Bible and archaeology that Hebrew Israelites both lived in Goshen and built this pyramid Gen 46.

Many believe that this pyramid was used as a grain storehouse because of its large subterranean chambers and in the bottom of the pyramid is an area they call "the pit.” My opinion is that the pyramid was used to store treasures and no person can convince me that the Israelites built such a pyramid just to safeguard grain. Eventually the Hebrew Israelites that built this pyramid were put into bondage by a Pharaoh after Joseph died that “knew not Joseph” Ex 1:8 and took the wealth of the Israelites. I make mention of the wealth because everyone should know at this point that Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were exceptionally wealthy and their descendants when entered Egypt were also wealthy.

The name Joseph means “builder” and builder he was because he was the chief architect of this pyramid. Isaiah makes reference “to be a sign and witness” to Israel; Isaiah 19:20

So why can't they find the tomb of Imhotep or Joseph in Egypt? The answer is that sometimes you can't see the forest when the trees are in the way. If you read the Bible you will see that the bones of Joseph were taken out of the country by Moses in Exodus 13:19, and at about the same time the treasures of Egypt kept inside the pyramid, not only belonged to the Hebrew Israelites but were removed by the Hebrews in Exodus 11:2.

Once the Pharaoh realized the treasures were removed he sent the entire Egyptian Army after Moses to reclaim the wealth that he saw as being his.

Joseph's body was moved to the land of Shechem in Canaan land by Moses. This is why the tomb of Imhotep/Joseph cannot be found in Egypt.

One additional note is that Joseph knew that Israel would eventually leave Egypt Heb 11:22, and gave commandment to move his bones. Joseph knew that the scriptures talked of the bondage of Israel that would last for 400 years Gen 15:13

Praise the Lord, which archaeology prove his word is true every day!

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